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Products & Services: Online Store
Address: Stall no 174, KDA Newmarket, Khulna
City: Khulna
Phone: 1936007590
Desc: started its operations in April 30, 2009. KhulnaBD is Bangladesh's online marketplace where anyone can sell or buy almost anything. KhulnaBD has a strong and growing community users who trade in a wide range of item categories including Electronics, Cameras, Phones, Computers, CDs, Mobiles, Fashion Accessories, Music, and Travel. Through a world-class technology infrastructure KhulnaBD enables & simplifies e-commerce for Bangladesh's expending online community. People spend more time on KhulnaBD than any other Bangladeshi site, making it the most popular site of the country. KhulnaBD encouraged young generation to earn money from selling goods using the power of the Internet. KhulnaBD is proud to help many people established successful online businesses who make a living out of it.


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